If you've been through the TSA security checkpoint at the MKE airport, you know what it feels like to be discombobulated. You are rushed to grab your things from the conveyor & try to find places to stuff your things and get out of the way to, put yourself back together.

Well, the nice folks at the Milwaukee airport have solved that problem with the construction of a handy, "Recombobulation Area", where you can put yourself back together once again!

You won’t find recombobulate in any dictionary, but we think our definition deserves a spot in Webster's!


(v.) to reorient
(v.) to put back into working order
(v.) to get one’s s#!+ together . . . again

Origin: Milwaukee, WI

This shirt is printed on a super soft, lightweight, Bella-Canvas unisex T-shirt. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

Sizing Guide: Size large fits a males approximately 155 - 175 pounds, up to size 34 waist. Size small fits a female 5' 5" 130 pounds


Designed by Green Roots, Greendale, WI.

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Recombobulate T-Shirt

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