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While Hallmark prints millions of calendars...Nedobeck’s Calendar is a limited run of just 1200 and is Truly unique!

Milwaukee Native

Don Nedobeck 2020 Calendar



"Nedobeck has been creating his whimsical creatures with a heavy emphasis on Cats (according to Nedobeck always spelled with a capitol “C”) for his entire life but it wasn’t until 1968 when his career as a full-time touring jazz musician with “Sugar Blues” Clyde McCoy was abruptly interrupted when the club in Palm Beach the band was booked into for a two week engagement, closed its doors only three days in.
Being a resourceful young man with a wife and three small children back in Milwaukee to provide for, Nedobeck tapped into his other love. Painting!
He got a handful of 5 x 7 pieces of Masonite, a few tubes of acrylic and got to work.
Nedobeck walked into a gallery in West Palm Beach and much to his surprise the owner bought every piece he had done for $20.00 each! She then asked, “How long it would take to produce a dozen more?” And so the transition from full-time musician to full-time artist was in motion…and he hasn’t slowed down since.

Nedobeck has been featured in one man shows across the country and has won numerous awards at many of America’s most prestigious art festivals. His works hang throughout the country in museums and private collections.

In the early 80’s Nedobeck signed on with a publisher and produced three children’s books. Since then there have been several editions and to date there are well over a half million ‘Nedo-books’ in circulation. In the early 90’s Nedobeck produced his first annual, Fanciful Feline calendar which has become a yearly ‘must have’ for cat lovers everywhere.

Here’s what the Washington Post had to say about Nedobeck’s creations:
“Nedobeck’s creatures all possess a slightly quizzical, satisfying refined look; they are animals who might be dukes or marchionesses-played by Alec Guinness & Margaret Rutherford -in costume.”

If you ask Nedobeck to describe his work he’s likely to tell you to, “just take a look…because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.”

NEDOBECK 2020 Calendar


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